Top Companies in Antioxidant BHT Market by Size, Share, Historical and Future Data & CAGR | Report by Vantage Market Research Market

Antioxidant BHT Market is projected to reach a value of USD 50.3 Million by 2028 at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 5.8% over the forecast period.

Top Companies in Antioxidant BHT Market by Size, Share, Historical and Future Data & CAGR | Report by Vantage Market Research Market
Antioxidant BHT Market

Market Overview

The Global Antioxidant BHT Market is valued at USD 34.9 Million in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 50.3 Million by 2028 at a CAGR of 5.8% over the forecast period. In elastomers, rubbers, and polymeric fabrics, Antioxidants BHT with stabilizing properties are used. It is therefore expected that the growth of the plastics and rubber industries will have a positive impact on the market for the Antioxidant BHT in the years to come. Furthermore, the market's expansion is aided by the expansion of the plastic and rubber industries. A further factor driving market expansion is using the Antioxidant BHT in animal feed to improve animals' disease resistance.

The increased demand for food and industrial additive applications will drive the market expansion for Antioxidant BHT over the forecast period. The increased use of antioxidants across various industries, including the oil and gas industry, is anticipated to drive market growth over the projected period.

However, the market's expansion is hampered by the negative effects of antioxidants BHT on humans and animals. It is anticipated that the growth of the cosmetics sector in emerging economies will present profitable opportunities for the market.

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Amidst Exponential Growth in Antioxidant BHT Adoption, What Trends Should We Look Forward to?

  1. Due to its increased use in the cosmetics sector, the Antioxidant BHT Market is expanding. Antioxidants primarily strengthen an animal's resistance to disease and protect the skin's cell membranes. Since antioxidants are used in various ways in the cosmetics sector, it is anticipated that the expansion of this sector will directly impact the market for antioxidants BHT. 
  1. The increased use of natural ingredients is another trend supporting the development of the Antioxidant BHT industry. Consumers are increasingly drawn to Antioxidant BHT products made with natural ingredients. This trend is driven by the desire for more environmentally responsible and sustainable goods. 
  1. The expansion of the market is being driven by the increasing consumption of processed and packaged food products in the developing world due to hectic lifestyles and busy work schedules. 
  1. Since antioxidants are used as a stabilizer in rubbers, elastomers, and polymeric materials, an expansion in the rubber and plastic industry is anticipated to support the Antioxidant BHT Market's future growth. 

The Antioxidant BHT Market is dominated by globally established players such as Cargill (US), Caldic (Netherlands), Impextraco (Belgium), LANXESS (Germany), Merisol USA LLC (US), Perstorp Group (Sweden), Eastman Chemical Company (US), Milestone Preservatives Private Limited (India),  and others. These companies have developed new products, adopted expansion strategies, and undertaken collaborations, partnerships, and mergers & acquisitions to gain traction in this high-growth Antioxidant BHT Market. 

Let's Look at the Top 5 Companies That are Taking the Antioxidant BHT Market by Storm

The Antioxidant BHT Market is expected to grow from USD 34.9 million in 2021 to USD 50.3 million in 2028 due to the personal care sector's expansion and recent advances. Additionally, a sizable share of the population's growing living standards and disposable money is credited to the market expansion. 

  1. Cargill (US)

To ensure world prosperity, Cargill forges links throughout the international food system. It provides customers with sustainable nutrition solutions, connects farmers to markets, and nourishes the planet. It employs about 24,000 people worldwide to provide food and beverage producers, food service organizations, and retailers with food ingredients like the Antioxidant BHT and food and non-food applications.

  1. Caldic(Netherlands)

Globally inspired solutions are produced by Caldic's invention in the food, pharmaceutical, personal care, and industrial formulations markets, which include the Antioxidant BHT.

  1. Impextraco(Belgium)

Delivering cost-effective solutions while upholding sustainability and animal welfare is Impextraco's mission. It guarantees that one receives the feed additives and components containing the Antioxidant BHT, enabling them to satisfy the market's demands for wholesome and secure food items today.

  1. Merisol USA LLC (US)

The Merisol Company was first a 1997 joint venture between Sasol and Merichem. The primary business activity of Merisol is manufacturing and distributing premium specialized chemical products from phenolic feedstocks provided by Sasol and other suppliers, such as the Antioxidant BHT.

  1. Perstorp Group (Sweden)

Perstorp is a leading innovator in specialty chemicals and the inventor of the Antioxidant BHT. It can help advance daily life by using nature's smallest building blocks, making it safer, more convenient, and more environmentally friendly for billions of people worldwide.

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