Top Companies in Breathable Tape Market | Top Companies Breathable Tape Industry In-depth and Comprehensive Research Report 2022 | Vantage Market Research

Surgical tapes, also called breathing tapes, are pressure-sensitive tapes used to secure and maintain bandages and dressings on wounds.

Top Companies in Breathable Tape Market | Top Companies Breathable Tape Industry In-depth and Comprehensive Research Report 2022 | Vantage Market Research
breathable tape market

Market Overview:

The Global Breathable Tape Market was valued USD 5.1 Billion in the year 2021 and is anticipated to reach a value of USD 6.4 Billion by the year 2028. The Global Market is forecasted to grow to exhibit a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 4.1% over the forecast period. Surgical tapes, also called Breathing Tapes, are pressure-sensitive tapes used to secure and maintain bandages and dressings on wounds. Air can pass through these tapes, protecting the skin from harm. Breathable Tapes are also employed in various medical applications, including sports injury prevention and securing IV tubes and drips. The Breathable Tape is also simple to tear and doesn't leave any residue. In addition, it is waterproof and has good skin adherence. Additionally, it clings air fresheners to wallpaper and shields screen doors from dirt. However, it won't stick to a damp, oily, or dusty surface. It has a sticky covering that is both single- and double-sided and has a particular adhesive chemical on both sides.

The market for Breathable Tape is primarily driven by the product's rising demand due to its usage in surgery to cover wounds and injuries. Additionally, the market expansion rate will be tempered by the rise in accidents on a global scale. The market for Breathable Tape will also rise due to additional factors like growing awareness of medical injuries and an increase in the frequency of infections contracted while receiving medical care. The increase in residential applications is a critical factor that will accelerate market expansion. Additionally, the market for Breathable Tape will expand more slowly as more wounds and burns occur and clinicians become more concerned with patient safety.

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Some of the key players operating in the Breathable Tape Market are listed below:

Company Name

Revenue in the US

  • 3M Company

$35 Billion

  • Smith & Nephew

$5 Billion

  • Medline Industries

$20 Billion

  • Hartmann

$23 Million

  • Dynarex Corporation

$24 Million

  • Cardinal Health

$167 Billion

  • Nitto Denko India Pvt. Ltd

$6 Billion

  • Godson Tapes Pvt.

<$5 Million

  • Johnson & Johnson

$93 Billion

  • Beiersdorf AG

$8 Billion


  1. 3M Company

The 3M Company, formerly known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, is a worldwide American conglomerate company specializing in consumer goods, industry, worker safety, and the U.S. health care. More than 60 thousand products are produced by the company each year under a variety of brands, including adhesives, abrasives, laminates, passive fire protection, personal protective equipment, window films, paint protection films, dental and orthodontic products, electrical and electronic connecting and insulating materials, medical products, car care products, electronic circuits, healthcare software, and optical films. Its headquarters are in Minnesota, United States.

  1. Smith & Nephew Inc.

The British multinational manufacturer of medical equipment, Smith & Nephew Plc, typically known as Smith Nephew, was incorporated in 1856 and is headquartered in Watford, England. It is a global manufacturer of arthroscopy, trauma and clinical therapy, orthopedic reconstruction, and advanced wound management products. The company's products are sold in over 100 nations.

  1. Medline Industries Inc.

Medline Industries, L.P. private American healthcare organization, is based in Northfield, Illinois. Founded in 1966, Medline is a healthcare organization that operates in more than 125 nations and territories worldwide as a producer, distributor, and so much more. The country’s largest privately held maker and distributor of medical supplies, it offers services, goods, clinical programs, and education.

  1. Hartmann Inc.

Hartmann's Inc., a company founded in 1955, offers goods that either meet or surpass the needs of its clients. Abilene, Texas-based Hartmann's Inc., a WBENC-certified woman-owned business, takes pride in producing its goods here in the United States. However, customers from all over the world, including Japan, Scotland, Mexico, and Ireland, are shipped to by them. Their primary employment includes medical, aviation, aerospace, and O.E.M. diesel and automotive jobs. Hartmann's Inc. is also renowned for its quick prototype creation, extensive production runs, mechanical assemblies, and customer-specific testing.

  1. Dynarex Corp

Headquartered in Orangeburg, NY, founded in 1967, Dynarex serves the medical products and equipment industry. The company provides patient care, gloves, disposables, beds, rails, mattresses, cushions, wheelchairs, and other products in addition to surgical and medical equipment. To satisfy the needs of nearly every market category, Dynarex provides hundreds of SKU-level items. Dynarex serves customers in the U.S.

  1. Cardinal Health Inc.

Cardinal Health, Inc. and Ohio serves as its corporate headquarters (EMEA), an American international healthcare service provider of healthcare services. The business, which serves over 100 thousand sites, specializes in distributing medications and medical supplies. Additionally, the company produces surgical and medical goods such as gloves, scrubs, and fluid management items. Additionally, it runs one of the most extensive radio pharmacy networks in the United States. More than 75% of American hospitals receive medical supplies from Cardinal Health.

  1. Nitto Medical Corp

The Japanese corporation Nitto Denko Corporation manufactures insulation, tapes, vinyl, LCDs, and various other goods. It was established in 1918 to make electrical insulation in Osaki, Tokyo. It produces items including high-clarity optical-use adhesive sheets for touch panels, surgical tapes and dressings, a transparent conductive film, and transdermal therapeutic patches.

  1. Godson Tapes Pvt.

Godson Tapes Private Limited, a private firm founded in Delhi, is renowned as one of the leading makers of a premium selection of double-sided adhesive tape. Offered Double-sided adhesive tape with both sides is famous for its extended lifespan, high level of functionality, and low maintenance requirements. They opened their company in 2015, and it is based in Delhi.

  1. Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.

The American global firm Johnson & Johnson (J&J), established in 1886, creates consumer packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment. The consumer division of Johnson & Johnson is located in Skillman, New Jersey, while the company's headquarters are in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The corporation has about 250 subsidiary businesses that operate in 60 countries and sell their goods in more than 175 nations. The brands owned by Johnson & Johnson include many well-known prescription drugs and first aid products. The Band-Aid Brand line of bandages, Tylenol pharmaceuticals, Johnson's Baby products, Neutrogena skin and beauty products, Clean & Clear face wash, and Acuvue contact lenses are just a few of its well-known consumer goods.

  1. Beiersdorf Inc.

German multinational corporation Beiersdorf AG produces and sells pressure-sensitive adhesives and personal care items. Its corporate headquarters and the research facility where it develops new goods are in Hamburg, Germany. Some of its brands are Elastoplast, Eucerin (creators of Aquaphor), Labello, La Prairie, Nivea, Tesa S.E. (Tesa tape), and Coppertone.

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