Top Companies in Military Antenna Market by Size, Share, Historical and Future Data & CAGR | Report by Vantage Market Research

Military Antenna Market is projected to reach USD 4.5 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 5.8% over the forecast period.

Top Companies in Military Antenna Market by Size, Share, Historical and Future Data & CAGR | Report by Vantage Market Research
military antenna market

The Global Military Antenna Market is valued at USD 3.1 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 4.5 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 5.8% over the forecast period. Major corporations are making major investments in modernizing current weapons and arms to meet the demand from the military and defense industries to create a strong first line of defense. The demand for high-frequency military antennas has increased as border infiltration and electronic warfare have become more common. In the military, satellite communication is essential for enhancing communication and surveillance operations. Strong satellite communication systems are also anticipated to increase demand for military antennas and support market expansion in the future.

Increasing demand for high-frequency military antennas is driven by the ability to provide better security and surveillance and advancements in tracking, ground mapping, and interference alerts.

Lack of funding for defense technology, the high maintenance and production costs of this equipment, the requirement for high capital investments for defense research and development activities, and the slow economic growth in some countries are the main factors anticipated to restrain market growth over the forecast period significantly.

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Amidst Exponential Growth in Military Antenna Adoption, What Trends Should We Look Forward to?

  1. Smart antennas enhance the accuracy of wireless communication by minimizing errors and managing incoming signals. Furthermore, it increases operational effectiveness by enabling military personnel to modify data signals following their requirements. Due to the demand for rapid and high-frequency wavelengths, as well as better field monitoring capabilities and communication systems, the market is expected to grow.
  2. New terrestrial communication networks have been built with help from the development of satellite communication infrastructure, increasing operational agility. Due to the expansion of the satellite communication infrastructure, the market for satellite and military antennas will experience significant growth.
  3. The need for modernizing traditional military hardware has grown as warfare and battlefield operations have evolved. To keep up with technological improvements on the battlefield, defensive systems must be modernized, and this need is expected to drive market growth.
  4. The recent escalation of international conflicts, asymmetric warfare, and international terrorism has led several nations to bolster their military and defense capacities.

The military antenna market is dominated by globally established players such as L3HARRIS TECHNOLOGIES, COBHAM PLC, AIRBUS, HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL INC., GENERAL DYNAMICS CORPORATION, ROHDE & SCHWARZ, TERMA, RAMI, MAXAR TECHNOLOGIES, NORSAT INTERNATIONAL INC., VIASAT INC., RUAG INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LTD., LOCKHEED MARTIN CORPORATION, ASELSAN A.S., BALL CORPORATION, ND SATCOM, THALES GROUP, GILAT SATELLITE NETWORKS, MICRO-ANT, SAT-LITE TECHNOLOGIES, DATAPATH, INC., HANWHA-PHASOR and VIKING SATCOM LTD. These companies have developed new products, adopted expansion strategies, and undertaken collaborations, partnerships, and mergers & acquisitions to gain traction in this high-growth military antenna market.

Let's Look at the Top 5 Companies That are Taking the Military Antenna Market by Storm

The military antenna market is expected to grow from USD 3.1 billion in 2021 to USD 4.5 billion in 2028 due to escalating technological developments, demand for cutting-edge communication systems, security concerns, modernization of military hardware, and escalating terrorist activity.


The L3Harris leadership team has years of experience in the field and is skilled at managing urgent business needs by offering military antennae that serve our clients worldwide.


Cobham is a renowned innovator in technology and services that produces military antennae for use in extreme environments, including deep space and the ocean.

  1. AIRBUS:

Airbus has always been at the front edge of developing new technology, and its pioneering attitude has completely changed the aerospace sector. Its goods,like military antennae,help individuals bond and advance by bringing them closer together. To protect the planet for future generations, we constantly work to push the envelope of what is possible.


The charitable arm of our initiatives to create a better world is The Ball Foundation. It funds nonprofit groups in the American towns and cities where we do business. We dedicate 49% of our philanthropic funds to recycling, 38% to education advancement, and 13% to assisting localities in disaster preparedness and fast response.


Viking Satcom is a pioneer in technological advancement and a market leader in the commercial satellite antenna sector. We provide a wide range of satellite communication devices, including antennas and the RF parts that go with them.

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