Top Companies in Multiple Sclerosis Drugs Market | Leading Companies In-depth Growth Analysis by Vantage Market Research

One of the main factors anticipated to fuel the market expansion for Multiple Sclerosis Drugs in the upcoming years is the increasing prevalence of multiple sclerosis.

Top Companies in Multiple Sclerosis Drugs Market | Leading Companies In-depth Growth Analysis by Vantage Market Research
multiple sclerosis drugs market

Market Overview:

Global Multiple Sclerosis Drugs Market is valued at USD 25.1 Billion in 2021 and is projected to reach a value of USD 31.2 Billion by 2028 at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 3.7% over the forecast period. The market for multiple sclerosis is developing primarily due to the increasing prevalence of the condition. There are four main types of multiple sclerosis: relapsing-remitting, primary-progressive, secondary-progressive, and progressive-relapsing (PRMS). During the projected period, the market dynamics would be affected by the high prevalence rates of these categories. In addition, the rising cost of healthcare helps the growth of the multiple sclerosis market and is a key factor in determining its rate of expansion.

As more public and private organizations begin awareness-raising activities, the market for multiple sclerosis will also rise. In addition, the market for multiple sclerosis will expand due to an increase in disposable income and the rapid development of novel monoclonal antibodies, immunosuppressant, immunomodulators, and interferon.

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Some of the key players operating in the Multiple Sclerosis Drugs Market are listed below:

Company Name

Revenue in USD

  • Biogen Inc.

$10 Billion

  • Pfizer Inc.

$92 Billion

  • F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

$68 Billion

  • Novartis AG

$47 Million

  • Merck & Co., Inc.

$52 Billion

  • Sanofi

$346 Million

  • Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

$15 Billion

1. Biogen (U.S.)

The company Biogen Inc. investigates, creates, produces, and distributes medications to treat neurological and neurodegenerative disorders. The business provides SPINRAZA for spinal muscular atrophy, TECFIDERA, VUMERITY, AVONEX, PLEGRIDY, TYSABRI, and FAMPYRA for multiple sclerosis (MS), as well as FUMADERM for plaque psoriasis. Additionally, it offers ADUHELM for treating Alzheimer's disease, BENEPALI, an etanercept biosimilar referencing ENBREL, IMRALDI, an adalimumab biosimilar referring HUMIRA, and FLIXABI, an infliximab biosimilar referencing REMICADE.

2. Pfizer Inc. (U.S.)

Pfizer Inc. develops, produces, sells, markets, and distributes biopharmaceutical products globally. It provides drugs and vaccines for a range of therapeutic conditions, including cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease, and women's health under the Premarin family and Eliquis brands; biologics, small molecules, immunotherapies, and biosimilars under the Ibrance, Xtandi, Sutent, Inlyta, Retacrit, Lorbrena, and Braftovi brands; and sterile injectable and anti-infective drugs, as well as oral COVID-19 treatment, under the Sulperazon, Medrol, Zavicefta, Zithromax, Vfend, Panzyga, and Paxlovid brands.

3. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. (Switzerland)

Roche Holding AG operates in the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries in Switzerland, Germany, the US, Austria, the Netherlands, the UK, France, Belgium, and other countries. The business provides pharmaceuticals for the treatment of anemia, cancer, dermatological conditions, hemophilia, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, neurological disorders, infectious diseases, immunology, cardiovascular and metabolism, ophthalmology, and respiratory illnesses.

4.Novartis AG (Switzerland)

Novartis AG offers medical supplies for ophthalmology, neuroscience, immunology, hepatology, dermatology, respiratory, cardiovascular, renal, and metabolism. Additionally, Healthcare products are developed, produced, and sold all over the world by Novartis AG. Innovative Medicines and Sandoz are the two divisions under which the business is divided. The Innovative Medicines section provides prescription medications for patients and medical professionals.

5.Merck & Co., Inc. (U.S.)

Healthcare provider Merck & Co., Inc. has operations all over the world. Animal Health and Pharmaceutical are its two business segments. In addition to vaccines for children, adolescents, and adults, the pharmaceutical division also provides human health pharmaceutical goods in oncology, acute hospital care, immunology, neuroscience, virology, cardiovascular, and diabetes. In addition, veterinary medications, vaccinations, health management solutions, services, and products for digitally connected identification, traceability, and monitoring are all produced and marketed by the Animal Health business.

6.Sanofi (France)

Sanofi and its subsidiaries are involved in creating, producing, and marketing therapeutic solutions in the United States, Europe, and other countries. Pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and consumer healthcare make up its three operating segments. In addition, among the specialty care, human monoclonal antibodies, products for multiple sclerosis, neurology, other inflammatory diseases, immunology, rare diseases, oncology, rare blood disorders, medications for diabetes, cardiovascular, and established prescription products offered by the business.

7.Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (Israel)

Generic medications, specialty medications, and biologic products are developed, produced, marketed, and distributed by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited in North America, Europe, and other countries. The business sells cytotoxic substances, hormones, high-potency medications, and sterile goods in various dosage forms, including tablets, capsules, liquids, transdermal patches, ointments, and creams.

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