Top Companies in Wine Market | Global Wine Industry Trends, Share, Size In-depth Analysis by VMR

The increasing adoption of Wine among all the age groups from youngsters to the old age population across the globe is the major factor driving the growth of the market during the forecast period.

Top Companies in Wine Market | Global Wine Industry Trends, Share, Size In-depth Analysis by VMR


The Global Wine Market is valued at USD 417.9 Billion in 2021 and is projected to reach a value of USD 599.5 Billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 6.20% over the forecast period. Wine is an alcoholic drink made from fruits and juice of grapes. The natural process is to add some yeast and let it ferment over time, but for red wines, Co2 is released and fermented at warm temperatures compared to white wines. There are several health benefits of Wine, it reduces the risk of liver disease, promotes healthy eyes, reduces cancer risks, decreases cholesterol, regulates blood sugar levels, etc. Generally, Wine is part of European culture but today this is a trend for youngsters. This trend is increasing in popularity across the globe. Some people include Wine in their daily diet, at house parties, and any other events. 

Due to the health benefits of Wine, there is a rise in demand for Wines among millennials. Consumer trends also worked as fuel for the growth of the Wine Market over the forecast period. Along with it, the adoption of lavish lifestyles by the consumers is also a crucial factor in the growth of the Wine Market. In addition, the craze for Wine among all age groups from young to old age, across the world is also the key driver for market growth.

List of Top Key Players of the Wine Market:

Company Name

Revenue in USD

  • Constellation Brands Inc.

$8 Billion

  • E. & J. Gallo Winery

$5 Billion

  • The Wine Group

$214 Million

  • Pernod Ricard

$10 Billion

  • Brown-Forman

$3 Billion

  • Treasury Wine Estates

$1 Billion

  • Concha y Toro

$930 Million

  • Castel Group

$1 Billion

  • Bacardi Limited

$4 Billion

  • Castello di Amorosa

$17 Million

  1. Constellation Brands Inc.

Constellation Brands Inc., a Fortune 500 company, is an American producer and marketer of beer, wine, and spirits. Constellation is one of the largest beer import companies in the US, measured by sales, and also has one of the largest market shares (7.4%) of all major beer suppliers. It also has investments in medical and recreational cannabis.

  1. & J. Gallo Winery

& J. Gallo Winery is a family-owned winemaker and a Global Wine industry leader. The company owns nineteen wineries and more than 23,000 acres of California vineyards; it also contracts with other growers state-wide to meet its supply needs.

  1. The Wine Group

The Wine Group is an American alcoholic beverage company founded in 1981 and based in Livermore, California. It produces Wine brands including Franzia, Cupcake Vineyards, Benziger Family Winery, Chloe Wine Collection, 7 Deadly Wines, Imagery Estate Winery, Concannon Vineyard, and Almaden Vineyards.

  1. Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard is a French company best known for its anise-flavored pastis aperitifs Pernod Anise and Ricard Pastis. The world’s one of the largest wine and spirits sellers, it also produces several other types of pastises.

  1. Brown-Forman

Brown-Forman Corporation was founded in 1870 and is a spirit and wine company. It manufactures, bottles, imports, exports, markets, and sells a range of alcoholic beverages. Brown-Forman leads a spirited existence and spreads its spirits, led by Jack Daniel's whiskey, around the world.

  1. Treasury Wine Estates

Treasury Wine Estates is an Australian global winemaking and distribution business with headquarters in Melbourne. It was formerly the Wine division of international brewing company Foster's Group. Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) is a unique vertically integrated Global Wine company with a rich heritage and an international portfolio of new world wines.

  1. Concha y Toro

Concha y Toro is the largest producer and exporter of wines from Latin America and one of the 10 largest Wine companies in the World, distributed in 135 countries. Concha y Toro Winery is located in Santiago de Chile, but the company has vineyards in Chile, Argentina, and the United States, with more than 10.000 cultivated hectares. Casillero del Diablo and Don Melchor wines have international recognition.

  1. Castel Group

Founded in 1980, Castle Group is a full-service property management company headquartered in Plantation, Florida.

  1. Bacardi Limited

Bacardi Limited is one of the largest privately held, family-owned spirits companies in the world. Originally known for its Bacardi brand of white rum, it now has a portfolio of more than 200 brands and labels. Founded in Cuba in 1862 and family-owned for seven generations, Bacardi Limited employs more than 7,000 people with sales in approximately 170 countries. Bacardi Limited is a group of companies as a whole and includes Bacardi International Limited.

  1. Castello di Amorosa

Castello di Amorosa is a winery located near Calistoga, California. The winery opened to the public in April 2007, as the project of a fourth-generation vintner, Dario Sattui, who also owns and operates the V. Sattui Winery named after his great-grandfather, Vittorio Sattui, who originally established a winery in San Francisco in 1885 after emigrating from Italy to California. The winery property was once part of an estate owned by Edward Turner Bale.

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