Cosmétique Dentisterie Marché Taille à atteindre 60,1 milliards de dollars à un TCAC de 12,8 % d'ici 2030

Le marché de la dentisterie cosmétique devrait atteindre une valeur de 60,1 milliards USD d'ici 2030 à un TCAC de 12,8 % sur la période de prévision.

Cosmétique Dentisterie Marché Taille à atteindre 60,1 milliards de dollars à un TCAC de 12,8 % d'ici 2030
Cosmétique Dentisterie Marché

Le marché mondial de la dentisterie cosmétique est évalué à 29,2 milliards USD en 2022 et devrait atteindre une valeur de 60,1 milliards USD d'ici 2030 à un TCAC (taux de croissance annuel composé) de 12,8 % sur la période de prévision.

Le marché de la dentisterie esthétique fait référence à l'industrie des produits et services dentaires qui se concentrent sur l'amélioration de l'apparence des dents, des gencives et du sourire général d'une personne. Ce marché comprend une gamme de procédures et de traitements, tels que le blanchiment des dents, les facettes, les implants dentaires, l'orthodontie, etc.

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Le marché mondial de la dentisterie esthétique a connu une croissance constante ces dernières années, stimulé par des facteurs tels qu'un désir croissant d'améliorations esthétiques, des avancées technologiques et une augmentation des revenus disponibles dans les économies émergentes.

L'Amérique du Nord est le plus grand marché de la dentisterie esthétique, suivie de l'Europe et de l'Asie-Pacifique. En Amérique du Nord, la demande croissante de procédures dentaires esthétiques, associée à une augmentation des revenus disponibles, a entraîné une croissance significative du marché.

Principales entreprises du marché de la dentisterie esthétique

  • Align Technology Inc. (États-Unis)
  • DENTSPLY Sirona (États-Unis)
  • Société 3M (États-Unis)
  • Envista Holdings (États-Unis)
  • Henry Schein (États-Unis)
  • Groupe Planmeca (Finlande)
  • Roland DG (Japon)
  • Kuraray Co. Ltd. (Japon)
  • Straumann Holdings AG (Allemagne)

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Cosmetic Dentistry Market Dynamics:

Cosmetic Dentistry Market procedures are procedures used to improve teeth and gum. It primarily focuses on improving aesthetics like alignment, shape, size, color, and position. Some most performed cosmetic procedures include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, teeth alignment, gum lifts, and contouring. Computer-aided designs (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) are used to create dental prostheses. Growing incidences of dental disorders such as tooth decay, gum diseases, dental cavities, and periodontal disease have led to increasing dental cosmetics procedures.

The growing prevalence of various diseases is one of the major factors fuelling the Cosmetic Dentistry Market during the forecast period. Oral diseases are among the preventable diseases however are among the most prevalent diseases. For instance, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), it has been estimated that nearly 3.5 million population are affected by oral diseases. Dental caries affects around 60–90 % of schoolchildren worldwide. Most commonly, dental caries have been observed in developing nations. The high prevalence of dental cavities has led to rising demand for Cosmetic Dentistry Market. The rising geriatric population is more susceptible to various oral diseases such as dental cracks, and gum diseases is also anticipated to surge market growth.

In the past few years, the prevalence of various dental diseases is growing owing to lifestyle changes. Along with growing urbanization, the lifestyle patterns among the population are changing as they consume more packaged food. Patients are growing awareness of dental cosmetics to improve their smile makeovers. Orthodontic procedures are used majorly for straitening teeth and improving the patient's gum health. Various procedures are commonly used, including non-metallic inlays and onlays, veneers, dental crowns, and bonding agents. Moreover, rising acceptance and openness toward dental aesthetic treatments are also anticipated to bolster market growth during the forecast period.

The government in developing countries is taking initiatives such as launching programs that promote oral hygiene among the population. In developing countries such as India, the government also launches some caps for getting free dental check-ups to create awareness of the importance of dental hygiene. For instance, Indian Dental Association's National Oral Health Program is focused on coordinating between public and private clinics for distributing healthcare services, including oral health services to the population nationwide. Such initiatives create rising awareness among patients and propel the Cosmetic Dentistry Market.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Market Challenges

High costs: Cosmetic dental procedures can be expensive, which can limit the accessibility of these treatments to a larger population. The high cost of materials and equipment needed for cosmetic dentistry, coupled with the need for specialized training and expertise, can make it difficult for some consumers to afford these treatments.

Regulatory challenges: The cosmetic dentistry industry is subject to regulation by various bodies, including the FDA and other regulatory bodies in different countries. The regulatory environment can be complex and constantly evolving, which can make it challenging for companies to navigate and comply with regulations.

Competition: The cosmetic dentistry market is highly competitive, with a large number of players offering similar products and services. This can make it difficult for new entrants to gain a foothold in the market, and for established companies to maintain their market share.

Technological advancements: Cosmetic dentistry is a rapidly evolving field, with new technologies and techniques constantly emerging. Keeping up with these advancements can be a challenge for companies, particularly smaller ones that may not have the resources to invest in research and development.

Patient expectations: Patients have high expectations when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, and may be dissatisfied if the results of their treatments do not meet their expectations. Managing patient expectations can be a challenge for dentists and companies offering cosmetic dental services.

Key Developments:

  • March 2019: Align Technology, Inc, agreed with Benco Dental to distribute iTero Element Intraoral Scanners. These scanners help dentists to perform a wide range of orthodontic and restorative procedures with higher visualization capabilities and precision.
  • June 2021: Zenyum, a dental start-up, raised USD 40 million in series B funding from existing investors including Sequoia Capital India, Partech, and RTP Global, among others. The company plans on using these funds to deliver dental cosmetics to patients.
  • January 2021: Nobel Biocare announced the launch of Xeal and TiUltra surfaces in the U.S. These surfaces can be applied to implants and abutments that help optimize tissue integration.
  • June 2022: ZimVieInc launched T3 PRO Tapered Implant and Encode Emergence Healing Abutment which was already given FDA approval in the United States. This new product is an addition to dental implants and builds.

Cosmetic Dentistry Market Regional Analysis

North America held the largest market share in terms of revenue during the forecast period. Increasing growth in the Cosmetic Dentistry Market can be further attributed to a higher prevalence of dental diseases such as periodontal disease, tooth decay, gum diseases, and dental cavities among the population, especially in the U.S. For instance, according to the statistics published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in every 4 (90%) adults aged 20 to 64 have at least one cavity. Moreover, well-built healthcare infrastructure, the availability of certified professionals, the adoption of technologically advanced devices in dental hospitals, and the launch of new FDA products are fuelling market growth in this region. Rising disposable income is also aiding the market as patients are more inclined towards aesthetic appearance.

Asia Pacific will grow with the fastest-growing CAGR during the forecast period. The factor expected to attribute to the market growth in this region includes government initiatives, rising awareness regarding dental health, and the growing prevalence of dental diseases among children and adults in this region. Moreover, a growing number of dental hospitals in countries such as China, India, and Japan are also expected to boost the Cosmetic Dentistry Market growth during the projected period. Additionally, growing healthcare expenditure and rising adoption of aesthetic dental procedures in this region are also anticipated to propel market growth in the coming years.

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