Top Companies in Bulk Container Packaging Market | Key Players Growth Analysis, Market cap, Future Scope, Price Analysis, | Vantage Market Research

Bulk container packing is used as industrial containers for storing and transporting goods that must be handled carefully and maintained vigorously.

Top Companies in Bulk Container Packaging Market | Key Players Growth Analysis, Market cap, Future Scope, Price Analysis, | Vantage Market Research
bulk container packaging market

Market overview:

The Global Bulk Container Packaging Market was valued at USD 3.7 Billion in the year 2021 and is forecast to reach a value of USD 6.3 Billion by the year 2028. The Global Market is anticipated to grow to exhibit a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9.5% over the forecast period. The requirement of bulk shipping and storing materials in warehouses has invented the need for Bulk Container Packaging. An entrepreneur named Malcolm McLean created a cost-effective and efficient alternative to moving cargo between New Jersey and Texas in 1956. From then onwards, people have preferred the method of containerization for transporting bulk shipping materials. The Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage sectors have continued their importance to the Bulk Container Packaging Market. Thus, it is accounted that the growing business and start-ups in the food industry will bolster the Bulk Container Packaging Market expansion. 

In addition, consumers’ need for versatile and spill-proof shipping containers has increased the Bulk Container Packaging services across the globe. Such containers are responsible for keeping the stored contents safe even in turbulent journeys. End-users are targeting a single solution to address both - economic transportation and adequate product storage. Therefore, flexible and collapsible bulk containers are gaining more popularity these days. 

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Some of the key players operating in the Bulk Container Packaging Market are listed below:

Company Name

Revenue in the US

  • Winpak Ltd

$1 Billion

  • International Paper Company

$19 Billion

  • Bemis Company Inc.

$417 Million

  • Greif Inc.

$5 Billion

  • Berry Global Inc.

$13 Billion

  • Sealed Air Corporation

$5 Billion

  • DS Smith PLC

$7 Billion

  • Mondi Group

$8 Billion

  • Mauser Group B.V.

$3 Billion

  • Hoover Ferguson Group

$135 Million


  1. Winpak Ltd

Winpak Ltd was founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Canada. Winpak distributes and manufactures high-quality packaging materials and related innovative packaging machines. The Company's products are used primarily to protect and used in health care applications and are perishable in the Food & beverage sector. The Company operates twelve production facilities in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. The Company offers customers worldwide coverage and expertise. The North American business units assist customers throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America, the Pacific Rim countries, and for certain products, Europe, and the Middle East.

  1. International Paper Company

The International Paper Company is an American paper and pulp company, the largest such company in the world. Approximately 56 thousand employees are currently working in this Company, headquartered in Tennessee. Founded in 1898 with a revenue of 2,058 crores USD (2020), they create Packaging products that promote and protect goods, enable worldwide commerce, and keep consumers safe. Pulps for tissue, diapers, and other personal hygiene products are used to promote health and wellness purposes.

  1. Bemis Company Inc.

Bemis Company Inc. is a global operator of pressure-sensitive materials and flexible packaging products. Headquartered in the United States, the Company's divisions are in 12 countries, and its films for packaging products and adhesive materials were distributed worldwide. It was founded in 1858, and approximately 17 thousand people are working in this Company.

  1. Greif Inc.

Headquarters in the U. S., Greif Inc. is an American manufacturing company. The total number of employees working in this Company is approximately 16 thousand. The Company was established in 1877, and it was primarily introduced as a barrel developer. However later the Company also entered the production of industrial packaging and containers. In 2018, the Company ranked 642 on the Fortune 1000.

  1. Berry Global Inc.

Berry Global, Inc. was founded in 1967 and is headquartered in U. S. Berry Global; Inc. is a Fortune 500 global marketer and manufacturer of plastic packaging products. The Company has over 290 facilities across the globe and more than 48 thousand employees, including supporting manufacturing in Russia with an injection molding site in Yekaterinburg, Russia. 

  1. Sealed Air Corporation

Headquartered in the U. S., Sealed Air Corporation is a packaging company known for its brands like Bubble Wrap cushioning packaging and Cryovac food packaging. The Company sold off its stake in Diversely Holdings in 2017. Its current CEO is Ted Doheny, and it currently employs close to 17 thousand professionals. The Company was founded in 1960.

  1. DS Smith PLC

Headquartered in the U.K., DS Smith PLC is a British multinational packaging company. It currently employs close to 30 thousand professionals (as of 2021). The Company was founded in 1940 and now is a leading provider of sustainable packaging solutions, paper products, and recycling services worldwide. Over the past 80 years, the Company has grown dramatically, because of its benefits and areas of expertise.

  1. Mondi Group

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Mondi PLC is a multinational packaging and paper group founded in 1967 in South Africa. The Company has employed around 26 thousand people with about 100 production sites across more than 30 countries, predominantly in Europe, Russia, North America, and South Africa. The Company’s Group offices are in Weybridge, United Kingdom, Vienna, and Austria.

  1. Mauser Group B.V.

Founded in 1870 and led by Mark S. Burgess, President, and CEO of Mauser Packaging Solutions. The Company’s innovation is to redefine sustainability for customers and brings unparalleled packaging performance. Based on new packaging developed from recycled content to reuse, recycling, reconditioning, and professional disposal, they provide customized solutions that positively impact businesses and the planet, bringing true sustainability at scale to companies worldwide.

  1. Hoover Ferguson Group

Hoover Ferguson Group is paving the way for customers across the refining, chemical, and general industrial end markets to move away from single-use containers. Through their large rental fleet of dry IBCs & ISO tanks and reusable liquid, combined with fleet management services and integrity management, The Company's sustainable packaging solutions provide circularity across the yielding an optimized environmental footprint through reduced plastic, supply chain, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and water conservation. 

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