Top Companies in Digital Banking Platform Market | Forecast Research Report 2022-2028, Growth rate, Price analysis, Size, Share, Past data | Vantage Market Research

The banking and finance industry has drastically changed over the past decade owing to rapid technological advancements and digitization of multiple industry verticals.

Top Companies in Digital Banking Platform Market | Forecast Research Report 2022-2028, Growth rate, Price analysis, Size, Share, Past data | Vantage Market Research
digital banking platform market

Market Overview:

The Global Digital Banking Platform Market is valued at USD 7.8 Billion in the year 2021 and is forecasted to reach a value of USD 14.4 Billion by the year 2028. The Global Market is anticipated to grow to exhibit a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.8% over the forecast period. Through interactive communication channels, a Digital Banking Platform enables the automated distribution of traditional and innovative banking goods and services directly to end consumers. Furthermore, many banks and financial institutions are providing Digital Banking Platforms to expand their client base globally and provide ease to their consumers.

The increase in the number of internet users and the migration from traditional banking to online banking are the primary drivers driving the market's growth. Furthermore, the usage of cloud-based platforms to provide greater scalability propels market development. However, security and regulatory difficulties in digital lending platforms are impeding the market's expansion. Furthermore, the industry is likely to benefit from an increase in the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in Digital Banking Platforms, as well as an increase in innovative banking services and a rise in corporate investors.

The retail banking category is predicted to develop at the fastest rate and to have the largest market share during the forecast period, owing to an increase in demand for Digital Banking Platforms among people and an increase in investment by SMEs throughout the country in Digital Banking Platforms.

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Some of the key players operating in the Digital Banking Platform Market are listed below:

Company Name

Revenue in the US

  • Appway

$26 Million

  • COR Financial Solution Ltd

$29 Million

  • FIS Global

$13 Billion

  • Oracle Corporation

$41 Billion

  • SAP SE

$31 Billion

  • Fiserv

$15 Billion

  • Temenos

$954 Million

  • VSoft Corporation

$178 Million

  • TCS India

$22 Billion

  • Intellect Design Arena

$231 Million

  1. Appway

Appway was founded in the year 2003 and is headquartered in Switzerland. The company provides financial services firms with everything they need to get the job done and create excellent experiences at every touch point by automating processes across people, systems, and data.

  1. COR Financial Solution Ltd

COR Financial Solutions was founded in the year 1996 and have headquarters in London. The company provides business solutions to financial institutions to support their banking, securities, and asset management activities. The solutions provided by the company include software application development, system integration, and consulting services.

  1. FIS Global

FIS is a worldwide technology leader in financial services, with a focus on retail and institutional banking, payments, asset and wealth management, risk and compliance, and outsourced solutions. It holds positions of leadership in payment processing, financial software, and banking solutions Providing software, services, and technology outsourcing to the financial world. The company was founded in the year 1968 and it has its headquarters in Jacksonville, United States.

  1. Oracle Corporation

Oracle Corporation is a global provider of enterprise information technology products and services. It was founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Oracle autonomous data warehousing cloud service, Oracle autonomous transaction processing cloud service, Internet-of-Things, digital assistant, and blockchain are among its infrastructure solutions. Oracle is the third-largest software company in the world by revenue and market capitalization.

  1. SAP SE

SAP SE is a global software corporation. The company creates commercial software, such as e-business and enterprise management software, consults on organizational application software utilization, and offers training services. SAP sells its goods and services all around the world. The company was founded in the year 1972 and has its headquarters in Walldorf, Germany.

  1. Fiserv

Fiserv, Inc. is an American multinational Fortune 500 company headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin that provides financial technology services to clients across the financial services sector. The company is founded in the year 1984.

  1. Temenos

The company was founded in 1993 and set on a mission to revolutionize banking. Since then, the community of customers, partners, influencers, and employees has grown. Back in 2002, they celebrated signing our 300th client, and today they serve 3000 customers. Two-thirds of the world’s top 1,000 banks and 70+ challenger banks in more than 150 countries rely on our technology. Their open platform enables over 1.2 billion people to carry out their daily banking needs. That’s 30% of the world’s banking population. Banking providers – big and small, traditional and new – use our platform to build new services and state-of-the-art customer experiences through highly personalized and AI-supported user journeys.

  1. VSoft Corporation

VSoft is a leading provider of banking and payment solutions to financial institutions of all sizes worldwide. The company is founded in 1996, we serve more than 2,600 institutions on multiple continents, while successfully managing significant growth. The company headquarters are in Atlanta, United States.

  1. TCS India

As global leaders in IT services, digital, and business solutions, we partner with clients to simplify, strengthen, and transform their businesses. TCS is a top employer globally, and its 592,195 employees represent 153 nationalities across 46 countries. The company is founded in the year 1968 and its Headquarters of the company is in Mumbai.

  1. Intellect Design Arena

Intellect Design Arena is founded in 2011 and has its headquarters in Chennai, India. The company provides financial technologies that help banks lead businesses on the path to growth and success. Their solutions help move the banking world forward; because that’s what happens when the world knows it has financial institutions they can rely on. Their commitment is to take banking into the future, by anticipating and solving the needs of tomorrow’s businesses. They do this because of long-term matters. Intellect Design Arena Limited is a global leader in Financial Technology for Banking, Insurance, and other Financial Services. With a rich suite of products across the organization, we are an authority on vertical and integrated products that enable institutions to meet their ambition to be the principal service provider to their customers.

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