Top Companies in Single-use Bioreactors Market | Don’t Just sit there Click Now, all You Want to Know

The rate of improvement in this market is largely determined by the new uses and limitations of clinical scientists to track things. Cell science is a huge field of application for Single-use Bioreactors.

Top Companies in Single-use Bioreactors Market | Don’t Just sit there Click Now, all You Want to Know
Single-use Bioreactors Market

Market Overview:

The market size of the global Single-use Bioreactors market in the year 2021 is valued at 3,378.90 USD Million and is predicted to reach 10551.96 USD Million by the year 2028 at a 20.90% CAGR during the forecast period. Increasing adoption of SUBs among small companies and startups, reduced automation complexity, ease in the cultivation of marine organisms, reduced energy and water consumption, the growing biologics market, technological advancements in SUBs, and increasing Biopharmaceutical R&D are factors driving the growth of single-use bioreactors market.

The demand for biopharmaceuticals is increasing globally due to the growing geriatric population, as this population group is more susceptible to a wide range of diseases. In anticipation of this demand, global companies are focusing on biopharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing for product development and increased production. The biopharmaceutical industry invests an average of six times more in R&D as a percentage of sales compared to other manufacturing industries. Single-use technologies are an integral part of biopharmaceutical manufacturing workflows. They make up a large percentage of small- and mid-scale biopharmaceutical manufacturing, particularly in clinical testing and research and development. Due to the advantages of single-use systems over conventional biomanufacturing techniques, their adoption has increased in biopharmaceutical R&D. Thus, the rising R&D expenditure is considered a positive indicator of the growth of the single-use bioreactors market.

Key Findings of the Report:

  • The Global Single-use Bioreactors market is projected to the uprising at a 20.90% CAGR during the forecast period 2022 to 2028.
  • This industry report shares insights regarding various factors such as product recall opportunities, recent product launches, revenue generation, Organized mentions of major market trends, growth strategies, and opportunities.
  • The report also did a PESTLE analysis across the industry to study entry barriers and key influencers.
  • The report presents the Single-use Bioreactors market estimated to size 10551.96 USD Million at the end of the forecast period.
  • The report provides a detailed evaluation of the Single-use Bioreactors market by highlighting information on various aspects which include restraints, drivers, opportunities, and threats.

Following are the top leading companies in the Single-use Bioreactors market:

Company Name

Revenue in USD

  • ABEC Inc.

$128 Million

  • Distek Inc.                  

$21 Million

  • Eppendorf AG

$872 Million

  • GE Healthcare

$18 Billion

  • Merck KGaA

$20 Billion

  • OmniBRx Biotechnologies

<$5 Million

  • Pall Corporation

$3 Billion

  • Sartorius AG

$3 Billion

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific

$39 Billion

  1. ABEC Inc.

Since 1974, ABEC has been a global leader in delivering integrated process solutions and services for manufacturing in the biopharmaceutical industry. Many of today’s leading antibody, vaccine, and recombinant protein therapies are manufactured by processes and equipment engineered, manufactured, installed and serviced by ABEC, and a majority of the world’s pharmaceutical and biotech companies are ABEC customers. ABEC’s unique value is based on long experience, complete in-house capabilities, a custom, flexible approach, and long-term credibility. Whether building new capacity or improving existing facilities, ABEC’s turn-key solutions reduce overall cost and time to market while delivering maximum productivity.

  1. Distek Inc.

Distek, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of laboratory testing instruments for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry for over 40 years, as well as an experienced provider of validation and qualification services. Distek engineers highly innovative, technically modern and user-friendly instruments that provide many innovative features to customers, worldwide. These include water bath and bathless dissolution, media preparation and disposal, in-situ fiber optic UV, bathless tablet disintegration, content uniformity, and dissolution auto sampling. Distek’s bioprocessing portfolio includes the BIOne single-use bioreactor for cell culture applications as well as an innovative bioreactor control system for both mammalian and microbial models.

  1. Eppendorf AG

Eppendorf is a leading life science company that develops and sells instruments, consumables, and services for liquid-, sample-, and cell handling in laboratories worldwide. Its product range includes pipettes and automated pipetting systems, dispensers, centrifuges, mixers, spectrometers, and DNA amplification equipment as well as ultra-low temperature freezers, fermentors, bioreactors, CO2 incubators, shakers, and cell manipulation systems. Consumables such as pipette tips, test tubes, microtiter plates, and disposable bioreactors complement the range of highest-quality premium products. Eppendorf products are most broadly used in academic and commercial research laboratories, e.g., in companies from the pharmaceutical and biotechnological as well as the chemical and food industries. They are also aimed at clinical and environmental analysis laboratories, forensics, and industrial laboratories performing process analysis, production, and quality assurance.

  1. GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare is an American multinational company founded in 1994. The company provides services to industries and the healthcare sector. These include Imaging, Ultrasound technology, Healthcare IT, Contrast Media, Anesthesia Delivery Drugs, Diagnostic ECG, Maternal Infant Care solutions, Patient Monitors, and various others. The company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. In 2020, the company had 54,000 employees working across the globe. The company’s parent organization is General Electric.

  1. Merck KGaA

The Merck Group, branded and commonly known as Merck, is a German multinational science and technology company headquartered in Darmstadt, with about 57,000 employees and present in 66 countries. The group includes around 250 companies; the main company is Merck KGaA in Germany. The company is divided into three business lines: Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Electronics. Merck was founded in 1668 and is the world's oldest operating chemical and pharmaceutical company, as well as one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

  1. OmniBRx Biotechnologies

OmniBRx Biotechnologies is a bioprocess innovator company where every technology outcome remains the benchmark for the next few decades. Omnibox provides the most innovative and universal bioprocessing solutions for highly efficient, scalable cell culture-based bio-manufacturing. The company innovates and provides solutions for stem cell therapies for efficient and scalable stem cell culture through single-use bioreactors. The company also innovates and provides scalable, efficient, and affordable single-use bioreactors for biologics manufacturing.

  1. Pall Corporation

Across 80 Pall locations and 10,000 people worldwide, they are unified by a singular drive: to take on their customers’ biggest challenges. To solve the critical problems that stand in the way of advancing health, safety, and the environment. The company redefines partnership through deeper, more meaningful collaboration. From life-saving gene therapies to airplane engines, Hydraulic systems to injectable medications, Scotch, Smartphones, OLED screens, Paper. The company protects the critical operating assets, improves product quality, minimizes emissions and waste, and safeguards health.

  1. Sartorius AG

Sartorius AG is an international pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment supplier, covering the segments of Bioprocess Solutions and Lab Products & Services. The company provides the essential products, technologies, and expertise to produce biopharmaceuticals reliably and efficiently. In fact, Sartorius has been pioneering and setting the standards for single-use products that are currently used throughout all biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. The company helps its customers to bring medications safely and quickly to the patient.

  1. Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the world leader in serving science, with annual revenue of approximately $40 billion. The company's mission is to enable its customers to make the world healthier, cleaner, and safer. The company supports its customers to accelerate life sciences research, solve complex analytical challenges, increase productivity in their laboratories, improving patient health through diagnostics or the development and manufacture of life-changing therapies. The company's global team delivers an unrivaled combination of innovative technologies, purchasing convenience, and pharmaceutical services through our industry-leading brands, including Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Fisher Scientific, Unity Lab Services, Patheon, and PPD.

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