Top 6 Companies in Aerospace Antimicrobial Coating Market

Aerospace Antimicrobial Coating Market Projected to Reach USD 46.5 Million by 2028

Top 6 Companies in Aerospace Antimicrobial Coating Market

Market Overview:

The Global Aerospace Antimicrobial Coating Market is expected to be valued in 2021 and is projected to reach a value of USD 46.5 million by 2028 at a CAGR during the forecast period, 2022-2028.

Aerospace coatings play an important role in protecting aircraft from corrosion and corrosion. Recently, the desire for higher potencies with antimicrobial properties has invited research on new chemistries for aerospace applications. Antimicrobial coatings are one of the specialties that are being focused by researchers on preventing or controlling the growth of microorganisms that are responsible for the corrosion of metals used in aerospace components. The term 'micro leakage' describes the penetration/penetration depth of microorganisms where they can spread inside metal structures. Such microbial contamination is often detected by oil impregnation techniques, helium leak test methods or bio-assays that measure biomass accumulation over time.

Following are the top 7 leading companies in the Global Aerospace Antimicrobial Coating Market:

  • BASF
  • Akzo Nobel N.V.
  • Henkel
  • PPG Industries Inc.
  • Hexion Inc.
  • Sherwin-Williams corporation

Company name

Revenue in USD

·         BASF

$66 Billion

·         Akzo Nobel N.V.

$10 Billion

·         Henkel

$23 Billion

·         PPG Industries Inc.

$13 Billion

·         Hexion Inc.

$1 Billion

·         Sherwin-Williams corporation

$18 Billion



BASF SE is a German multinational chemical company and the largest chemical producer in the world. The BASF Group comprises subsidiaries and joint ventures in more than 80 countries and covers Europe, Asia, Australia, the Americas and Africa. It operates six integrated production sites and 390 other production sites in the U.S. Its headquarter is located in Ludwigshafen, Germany. BASF has customers in over 190 countries and supplies products to a wide variety of industries. Despite its size and global presence, BASF has attracted relatively little public attention since abandoning the manufacturing and selling of BASF-branded consumer electronics products in the 1990s.

Akzo Nobel N.V.

Established in 1994 and headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Akzo Nobel N.V. is a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals. The company offers decorative paints and coatings, surfactants, polymer, pulp and paper, bleaching and oxidizing chemicals, salt-chlorine, and other chemical products worldwide. The company operates in two business segments, namely Decorative Paints and Performance Coatings. The company operates in the antimicrobial coatings market through its Interpon AM range of performance coatings.

The company operates through various brands such as Dulux, Interpon, and Siikens, among others in more than 80 countries. With its subsidiaries and a strong network of distribution, the company has its presence in Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, South America, and Middle East and Africa.


Henkel AG & Co. KGA is a German chemical and consumer goods company headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany. It is a multinational company operating in both consumer and industrial sectors. Founded in 1876, the DAX Company is organized into three globally operating business units (Laundry & Home Care, Beauty Care, Adhesive Technologies) and is known for brands such as Loctite, Persil,[2] Fa, Pritt, Dial and Purex. She goes. other.

In fiscal year 2020, Henkel reported sales of over €19 billion and operating profit of €2.019 billion. More than 80% of its 52,950 employees work outside Germany.[1]

PPG Industries Inc.

Established in 1883 and headquartered in Pennsylvania, the U.S., PPG Industries Inc. is engaged in manufacturing of paints and coatings. Also, the company supplies products for the manufacturing, construction, automotive, chemical processing, and other industries worldwide. The company operates through two business segments, namely Performance Coatings and Industrial Coatings. The company operates in the antimicrobial coatings market through its industrial coatings business segment.
With 156 manufacturing facilities in the U.S., EMEA, and Asia-Pacific, the company has its presence in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa.

Hexion Inc.

Hexion Inc. Or Hexion (formerly Momentive Specialty Chemicals)[2] is a chemical company based in Columbus, Ohio. It produces thermoset resins and related technologies and specialty products. The corporation is organized into two divisions: the Epoxy, Phenol and Coating Resins Division, and the Forest Products Division. Resins for a wide range of applications such as Hexion Abrasives, Adhesives, Chemical Intermediates, Civil Engineering, Coatings, Composites, Crop Protection, Electrical/Electronics, Engineered Wood, Fertilizers & Pesticides, Fibers & Textiles, Foams, Friction Materials, Furniture, Molding provides. Compounds, Oilfield, Oriented Strand Board, Particleboard and Fiberboard, Plywood and Laminated Veneer Lumber and Refractoriness.


Established in 1866 and headquartered at Ohio, U.S., The Sherwin-Williams Company is a global leader in the manufacturing, development, distribution, and sale of paint, coatings and related products to professional, industrial, commercial, and retail customers. It operates in three business segments, namely Americas Group, Consumer Brands Group, and Performance Coating Group. It serves building and infrastructure, transportation, consumer goods, and industrial sectors. The company operates in the antimicrobial coatings market through its performance coating business segment.
The company has its presence in North America, Latin America, Middle East and Africa, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

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