Top Companies in Anti-Vibration Mounts Market | Top Key Players Growth rate, Sales Volume, Market Outlook, Forecast Report | Vantage Market Research

Anti-Vibration Mounts are specialized devices that absorb vibration from autos, equipment, and various other systems. Vibration isolation mountings and isolation devices are two more names for them.

Top Companies in Anti-Vibration Mounts Market | Top Key Players Growth rate, Sales Volume, Market Outlook, Forecast Report | Vantage Market Research
anti vibration mounts market

Market Overview:

The Global Anti-Vibration Mounts Market was valued at USD 6,238.1 Million in the year 2021 and is expected to reach a value of USD 6,740.7 Million by the year 2028. The Global Market is anticipated to grow to exhibit a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 1.3% over the forecast period. Anti-Vibration Mounts are frequently used in the automotive industry to improve fuel efficiency. Anti-Vibration Mounts can also increase comfort and security in vehicles. Specific guidelines must be followed when installing this anti-vibration system to reduce noise pollution and improve the efficiency & convenience of technological equipment. The trend of offering consumers tailored products is expanding, which is anticipated to create opportunities for the Anti-Vibration Mounts market.

Customization is becoming more popular, and manufacturers are using it to differentiate their products from their rivals. High-temperature and wear-resistant polymer materials are anticipated to be used more frequently shortly. These materials are more cost-effective and more durable, as well as more cost-resistant. The global Anti-Vibration Mounts market is projected to be driven soon by the growing demand to improve the efficiency of cars and engineering equipment.

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Some of the key players operating in the Anti-Vibration Mounts Market are listed below:

Company Name

Revenue in the US

  • ContiTech

$16 Million

  • Vibracoustic

$2 Billion

  • Sumitomo Riko

$3 Billion

  • Hutchinson

$5 Billion

  • Machine House

$12 Million

  • IAC Acoustics

$9 Million


$600 Million

  • Farrat

$2 Billion

  • Vibrasystems Inc.

<$5 Million

  • Pendle Polymer Engineering               

$11 Million


  1. ContiTech

The ContiTech business specializes in plastics technology and is one of the top suppliers of technical rubber products. The Company develops and creates functional parts, components, and systems for machine and plant engineering, mining, the automobile sector, and other significant industries. The Company was founded in 1871 and is headquartered in Germany.

  1. Vibracoustic

Regarding vehicle vibration control technology, Vibracoustic, headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, is the industry leader globally. Freudenberg SE and Trelleborg AB established the business as a joint venture in 2012. It provides components that obviously and distinctly improve the comfort on board to almost every passenger car manufacturer, commercial vehicle manufacturer, and tier 1 supplier worldwide. With 10 thousand personnel spread across 43 locations in 19 different countries, its production network is as international as the automotive industry.

  1. Sumitomo Riko

Rubber and other items made from synthetic resin are produced by the Japanese Company Sumitomo Riko Co. Ltd. The Company was founded in 1929 and is headquartered in Japan. It holds the market share of automotive anti-vibration products and focuses on IT-related, infrastructure, application, and construction/housing products.

  1. Hutchinson

Hutchinson designs and produces customized materials and connected solutions to respond to the needs of global customers, in the air, on land, and at sea. A global leader in vibration control, fluid management, and sealing system technologies, the Group stands out with a multiple market offering spanning various areas of expertise and delivering synergies. The Company was founded in 1853 and is headquartered in Paris.

  1. Machine House

Machine House is a Manufacturer and Exporter of an Anti-Vibration Mount. An ISO 9001-2000 Certified Company, practicing business excellence in technical collaboration with Bilz Vibration Technology, Germany. It is a market leader in the European community in its field as a supplier to machine builders & the equipment manufacturing industry, as well as the automotive industry. The Company was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Nashik, India.

  1. IAC Acoustics

IAC Acoustics offers acoustic solutions for Industrial, Architectural, and Medical Applications. The industrial offering includes in-plant and outdoor enclosures, outdoor noise barriers, anechoic chambers, Dyno Rooms, and HVAC products. The architectural products include secure facilities, acoustic doors, windows, music practice rooms, and studio packages. The Medical offering includes mini and full-size audiology booths and test chambers. The Company was established in 1949 and is headquartered in Illinois, United States.


Fukuoka Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of industrial use rubber products. The Company mainly manufactures automobile products, such as diaphragms, wiper blades, and valves. The Company was established in 1953 and is headquartered in Japan. The Company’s primary business areas are manufacturing and selling rubber products, metal and synthetic resin products, and bio- and medical-related products.

  1. Farrat

Farrat is a specialist engineering company that designs and manufactures high-performance Thermal Isolation, Vibration Isolation, and Precision Levelling Solutions for buildings and industrial and power generation equipment worldwide. The Company was founded in 1959 and is headquartered in Cheshire, England.

  1. Vibrasystems Inc.

Established in 1979, Vibrasystems Inc. has designed and developed the most extensive line of anti-vibration, shock, and noise control products. The Company specializes in Seismic Restrained Spring Mounts, Spring and Elastomer Hangers, Impact and Shock Isolation Machinery and Leveling Mounts, Engineering and Manufacturing of Vibration Isolation Products, Anti-Vibration Rubber/Elastomer Pads, industrial machinery, industrial equipment, and vibration mounts. The Company was established in 1979 and is headquartered in Florida, United States.

  1. Pendle Polymer Engineering

Pendle Polymer Engineering designs and manufactures custom rubber moldings and anti-vibration solutions for the Automotive, Off-Highway Vehicles, and Industrial Sectors. Pendle Polymer has vast expertise in bonding rubber to metals, and their products are to be found in applications ranging from engine and cab Anti-Vibration Mounts for trucks and excavators, suspension bushes for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, precision rubber moldings for helicopters, tractors, trains, submarines, and numerous industrial applications. The Company was established in 1981 and is headquartered in England.

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