Things You Must Know About Top Companies in Dental Turbines Market

Dental Turbines Market Projected to Reach USD 175.5 Million by 2028.

Things You Must Know About Top Companies in Dental Turbines Market

Market Overview:

According to Vantage market research, the Global Dental Turbines market is valued at USD 65.2 Million in 2021 and is projected to attain a value of USD 175.5 Million by 2028 at a CAGR of 16.1% during the forecast period, 2022–2028. Dental turbine is a device that rotates at high speed and used compressed air as the driving force. It provides various characteristics such as being lightweight, painless abrading, and small in size because of its high-speed rotation. This instrument provides various features such as classy, incredibly light & precise, robust & reliable, and painless abrading. All these features of dental turbines make it more demandable in the market and further increase the demand for Dental Turbines Market.

Factors such as increasing awareness for oral health, growing dental issues, and high technological advancement in dental turbine handpieces are the major factors that augment the growth of the Dental Turbines Market in upcoming years. In addition, rising demand for cosmetic dentistry and high usage of dental turbines in restorative & orthodontics are some other parameters that influence the growth of the market in the years to come. Furthermore, the increasing number of dental clinics, rising esthetic dental awareness, increasing chances of dental disorders, and adoption of advanced technologies by dentists are propelling the market growth in the projected years.

The demand for Dental Turbines is increasing heavily by various dentists. Therefore, there is huge competition among various industry players to launch or develop advanced products in the market. For instance, DCI Edge, the industry leader for quality dental equipment, and NSK Automation, a large manufacturer of bearings globally, together launched a new integration solution named ‘DCI Edge Series 5 Delivery NSK Integrated Touchpad’ to expand the possibilities of dental treatment. Also, DENTALEZ, a dental equipment provider, launched new products the Aeras 500 Elite Handpiece by Star®, and the Aeras Compressor by Ramvac® to address real, everyday challenges in dentistry.

Following are the top 8 leading companies in the Dental turbine market:

Company Name

Revenue in USD

  • Sinol Dental Ltd.

<5 Million

  • DentalEZ Inc.

$57 Million

  • Kavo Dental Excellence

$271 Million

  • DentsplySirona, Inc

$3 Billion

  • Bien Air

$49 Million

  • Nakanishi Inc

$331 Million

  • W&H Group

<$5 Million

  • BA International

$47 Million


  1. Sinol Dental Ltd.

Sinol Dental Limited is China’s long history of professional dental instrument manufacturer and system integrated service provider and high technology enterprise. The company was established since 1965. In more than 50 years, the company is devoted to professionally developing research, manufacturing, marketing, and service. The company has formed a core brand and achieved extinguished achievement in the dental medical instrument field. Dental units and handpieces are the company’s prominent products. In addition, the company offers a cleaning and sterilizing system, dental teaching simulator system, technician system, clinical instrument system, dental image system, integrated service system as well as dental implant material. The company has developed as a national first brand with a worthy reputation.

  1. DentalEZ Inc.

DENTALEZ is a dental supply company committed to providing state-of-the-art dental practice solutions for unlimited interconnectivity, choice, and control. A true dental pioneer, the company stands as an indispensable industry staple with over 100 years of experience in dental equipment. The company provides real-life solutions for everyday challenges in oral healthcare through a unique union of advanced technical expertise and rich practical experience. With unwavering top-level customer service and support, the company has securely established itself as a trusted supply partner in dentistry. The company has a proven history of providing tried-and-true dental products and equipment and continues to manufacture a full line of technologically-advanced front-to-back office solutions from well-known brands including Star®, Ramvac®, Forest®, Nevin™, and Columbia Dentoform®.

  1. Kavo Dental Excellence

Headquartered in Germany. For over 100 years, our employees have been developing, manufacturing, and selling high-quality products that set new market standards. The company has made a significant contribution to the history of dentistry with its consistent innovations. The company's core business is structured in the fields of Dental Instruments, Dental EquipmentLaboratory, and Dental Education. Product highlights include our turbines, handpieces and contra-angle handpieces, diagnostics, surgical interventions, treatment units as well as multimedia and dental technology.

  1. DentsplySirona, Inc

DentsplySirona Inc. is the world's largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies. The company empowers dental professionals all over the world to provide millions of patients with best-in-class dental care to deliver healthy smiles. The company is on a mission to transform dentistry to improve oral health globally, and they are a preferred partner for dental practices, clinics, dental laboratories, and authorized distributors worldwide. The company is the largest global infrastructure in dentistry, committed to leading education and innovation with proven solutions to improve efficiency and advance patient care.

  1. Bien Air

Bien-Air Medical Technologies develops, manufactures, and markets instrumentation devices and systems across multiple dental and surgery specialties. The company operates eight subsidiaries from its Bienne, Switzerland headquarters and is backed by a solid network. The company employs more than 400 staff worldwide. Innovative and reliable products, a high-quality distribution network, and leading Customer Service make Bien-Air the number one specialist in rotary instruments and medical systems.

  1. Nakanishi Inc

Headquartered in Kanuma, Tochigi, Japan. Nakanishi Inc is running 3 business fields in dental, industrial, and medical products by applying their high-speed rotation technology. The company provides small motor spindles as main products. It is indispensable to precise machining fields as machine element parts of production facilities. The company manufactures high-quality products with 85% of in-house production rate and is made in Japan quality. The motor spindles are specialized in high-speed rotation, high precision, and compact.

  1. W&H Group

Since our foundation in 1869 W&H is headquartered in Lengerich, Germany. The company is in the world of flexible packaging: Made of film, wovens, and paper. The customers used the company's machines to produce pouches, bags, and sacks for example for the protection of food and hygiene articles or to secure goods during transportation. By advancing the company's machinery to produce flexible packaging more efficiently, they contribute to making it more sustainable. The company is developing and producing our machines on 120.000 square meters.

  1. BA International

BA International is based in the UK and has been around since 1989 as a dental repair house. Over the years, B.A. has grown to be one of the most trusted services and brands in the industry. The company sells to over 50 countries worldwide as well as being Europe’s largest repair house. The company creates industry-leading products and provides quality services. The company has a dedicated and free customer service department to support our product range and services. The company's products are available through its official distributors across the world.

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