Top Companies in Petroleum Coke Market by Size, Share, Historical and Future Data & CAGR | Report by Vantage Market Research

Petroleum Coke Market is projected to reach a value of USD 64.26 Billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 7.2% over the forecast period.

Top Companies in Petroleum Coke Market by Size, Share, Historical and Future Data & CAGR | Report by Vantage Market Research
Petroleum Coke Market

Vantage Market Research has recently published a new report on the "Petroleum Coke Market” Global Industry Assessment & Forecast to identify key trends and challenges. The report offers insights into the competitive landscape, prospects, and key investment considerations for businesses operating in Petroleum Coke Market. Some of the key statistics in the report highlight that the Global Petroleum Coke Market was valued at USD 39.5 Billion in 2022 and is projected to reach a value of USD 64.26 Billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 7.2% over the forecast period. Petroleum Coke also known as petcoke is a solid rock material that is a byproduct of crude oil refining and various other cracking processes.

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The Global Petroleum Coke is dominated by well-known players like Oxbow Corporation (U.S.), Suncor Energy Inc. (Canada), Phillips 66 Company (U.S.), Aminco Resources LLC. (U.S.), Nippon Coke & Engineering. Co., Ltd. (Japan), Petroleum Coke Industries Company (Kuwait), Renelux Cyprus Ltd. (Greece), Graphite India Limited (India), British Petroleum (U.K.) and Marathon Petroleum Corporation (U.S.), these market participants are also pursuing strategies like investments, partnerships, acquisitions, and mergers to increase their market dominance. Furthermore, businesses are investing in the creation of better services. They are also concentrating on keeping their prices reasonable.

Let’s Take a Look at the Top Market Players that are Captivating the Petroleum Coke Market

  1. Oxbow Corporation (United States)

Oxbow Corporation provides recycling services. The Company recycles refinery and natural gas byproducts, as well as upgrades, handles, transports, and sells Petroleum Coke and sulfur products. Oxbow serves power generation, home construction, steel manufacturing, and food production industries globally.

  1. Suncor Energy Inc. (Canada)

Suncor Energy, Inc. is an integrated energy company focused on developing the Athabasca oil sands basin. The Company extracts and upgrades oil sands into refinery feedstock and diesel fuel explores for, develops, and produces natural gas, refines crude oil and markets a range of petroleum and petrochemical products, and operates crude oil pipelines and retail petroleum stations.

  1. Phillips 66 Company (United States)

Phillips 66 is a diversified energy manufacturing and logistics company. The Company's operations include oil refining, marketing, and transportation along with chemical manufacturing and power generation. Phillips 66 operates in the United States.

  1. Aminco Resources LLC (United States)

Aminco Resources’ core focus is supplying carbon materials as well as complementary products to the global primary aluminum and steel industries. Importantly, Aminco works closely with its customer base in supplying carbon technology “know-how” to reduce raw material costs by improving carbon consumption.

  1. Nippon Coke & Engineering. Co., Ltd. (Japan)

Nippon Coke & Engineering Co Ltd sells coal, petroleum, coke, construction materials, and industrial machinery. The Company also sells environmental systems and manages plant engineering services.

  1. Petroleum Coke Industries Company (Kuwait)

Petroleum Coke Industries Company (PCIC) is one of the largest single Kiln Coke Calciners in the world with the capacity to produce 350, 000 MT of Calcined Petroleum Coke. PCIC is located in Kuwait, which is one of the fast-growing countries in middle-east.

  1. Renelux Cyprus Ltd. (Greece)

Renelux Commodities PC is a trading house that operates in the international markets of solid fuels, cementitious materials, and other bulk commodities for the Cement Industry, the Steel Industry, and other key industries.

  1. Graphite India Limited (India)

Graphite India Limited manufactures graphite electrodes, anodes, and other miscellaneous carbon and graphite products, and manufactures graphite equipment (IGE) and glass-reinforced pipes (GRP). The Company also generates electric energy.

  1. British Petroleum (United Kingdom)

BP P.L.C is an energy company. The Company explores and produces oil and natural gas, refines, markets, and supplies petroleum products, as well as generates solar energy, and manufactures and markets chemicals such as terephthalic acid, acetic acid, acrylonitrile, ethylene, and polyethylene. BP serves customers worldwide.

  1. Marathon Petroleum Corporation (United States)

Marathon Petroleum Corporation is a downstream energy company. The Company refines, supplies, markets, and transports petroleum products. Marathon Petroleum serves customers in the United States.

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