Top Companies in Livestock Monitoring Market | Vantage Market Research Exclusive Study of Leading Players

The Livestock Monitoring Market is witnessing growth due to the increasing focus on real-time monitoring and early detection of disease, increasing demand for meat globally.

Top Companies in Livestock Monitoring Market | Vantage Market Research Exclusive Study of Leading Players
livestock monitoring market

Upcoming trends in Livestock Monitoring Market

The Global Livestock Monitoring Market is valued at USD 1,329.1 Million in the year 2021 and is projected to reach a value of USD 2,445.9 Million by the year 2028. The Global Market is anticipated to grow to exhibit a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.7% over the forecast period. Livestock monitoring can be extremely tiring as it involves the management of a wide range of animals on the farm. The Livestock Monitoring software is a framework that aids the farmers to track and maintain the livestock right from the time they are born till the time they are sold. With the use of this system, it becomes easy for the farmers to keep a track of the number of farm animals, their performance & cost metrics, and their financial tracking unit sales.

The global Livestock Monitoring market is growing at a speedy rate. The increasing prevalence of livestock diseases, the growing need for Livestock Monitoring solutions in small & mid-sized farms, and rapidly growing dairy farms with an increasing population of cattle are some of the primary factors that are fueling the growth of the global market. Further, the Livestock Monitoring solutions collect and analyze the critical data points both on the herd and individual level. The identification system also allows the farmers to easily record livestock identification information by entering the animals directly into the software as soon as they are born. The farmers can also better manage the flocks & herds, obtain access anytime, anywhere to the livestock ID tags, track the livestock from birth to relocation or processing, and enhance the consumer trust with transparent traceability.

List of Top key players in livestock monitoring market:

Company Name

Revenue in USD

  • GEA Farm Technologies

$5 Billion

  • Nedap

$227 Million

  • Fullwood Packo Ltd.

$29 Million

  • Fancom BV

$5 Million

  • Lely International NV

$323 Million

  • Dairymaster Ltd.

$54 Million

  • Merck Animal Health

$1 Billion

  • BouMatic, LLC

$52 Million

  • Afimilk Ltd.

$52 Million

  • DeLaval

$1 Billion


  1. GEA Farm Technologies

The company was founded in 1893 and headquartered in Bönen, Germany. The company is the parent organization of GEA Group and has numerous subsidiaries such as SmarterFarming AS, Farmers Industries (New Zealand) Limited, and Gea Westfaliasurge Japy Sas.

  1. Nedap

Nedap is a Dutch multinational technology company. Its principal place of business is Groenlo, Netherlands. It has subsidiaries in the United States, Belgium, France, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, and Spain, and has been quoted on the Euronext exchange since 1947. The company is listed as NEDAP (AMS).

  1. Fullwood Packo Ltd.

Fullwood Packo exists for dairy farmers to ensure their cows are healthy and milked properly. The company was founded in 1785 and is a privately held organization. The company is headquartered in Ellesmere, Shropshire.

  1. Fancom BV

Fancom is leading in helping poultry and pig producers improve processes in livestock houses. The company provides solutions for livestock houses and products with more interesting information. iFarming is our comprehensive house system. The most powerful and reliable smart farming system on the market and already used worldwide. The company has more than 200 distributors, dealers, and partners, Fancom has a global presence.

  1. Lely International NV

Lely International N.V. is a financial services company based on the outskirts of Maassluis, Netherlands.

  1. Dairymaster Ltd.

Dairymaster is a world-leading manufacturer of dairy farm equipment. The company has a presence in over 40 countries and has a strong commitment to scientific research. The company is headquartered in Tralee, Co. Kerry and has specialties in dairy farm equipment, milking equipment, dairy feeding equipment, heat detection systems, milk cooling equipment, automatic slurry systems, dairy farm automation, and engineering, software development, sales, marketing, and research and development.

  1. Merck Animal Health

Merck Animal Health, known as MSD Animal Health outside the United States and Canada, is the global animal health business unit of Merck. This site is intended for residents of the United States and its territories only.

  1. BouMatic, LLC

The company provides innovative solutions that help dairy farmers be more profitable while safeguarding animal welfare. The company was founded in 1939 and is located in Madison, Wisconsin. The company specializes in Milk Handling Equipment and Dairy Chemicals.

  1. Afimilk Ltd.

Founded in 1977, afimilk Ltd. (S.A.E. Afikim) has become a global leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing advanced computerized systems for the modern dairy farm, and for herd management. The company, since its inception, has been a leader through innovation: afimilk introduced the world’s first electronic milk meter more than 30 years ago, the first pedometer to monitor cows, the first dairy farm management software, and the first online milk analyzer (AfiLab). These tools have enabled farm managers to improve performance and maximize efficiency, ultimately increasing profits. Afimilk systems and products are in use worldwide. The company is active in more than 50 countries: thousands of farms, hundreds of thousands of milk meters, and millions of pedometers.

  1. DeLaval

The company was founded in 1878 and is headquartered in Stockholmers, Sweden. The company specializes in milking solutions, consumables, service offering, herd management solutions, cow comfort solutions, milk cooling & storage solutions, feeding solutions & products, farm planning consultancy, manure & effluent solutions, and barn environment products & solutions

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