Top Companies in Pharmaceutical Excipients Market by Size, Share, Historical and Future Data & CAGR | Report by Vantage Market Research

Pharmaceutical Excipients Market it is expected that by 2030 it will be valued at USD 12.0 Billion at a CAGR of 5.70% over the forecast period.

Top Companies in Pharmaceutical Excipients Market by Size, Share, Historical and Future Data & CAGR | Report by Vantage Market Research
Pharmaceutical Excipients Market

Vantage Market Research has recently published a new report on the "Pharmaceutical Excipients Market” Global Industry Assessment & Forecast to identify key trends and challenges. The report offers insights into the competitive landscape, prospects, and key investment considerations for businesses operating in the Pharmaceutical Excipients market. Key statistics in the report highlight that Global Pharmaceutical Excipients Market was valued at USD 8.2 Billion in 2022, and it is expected that by 2030 it will be valued at USD 12.0 Billion at a CAGR of 5.70% over the forecast period. The global Pharmaceutical Excipients market will continue to expand due to rising demand from different end-user sectors, including Pharmaceutical Companies, Research Organizations, and Academics.

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The Global Pharmaceutical Excipients market is dominated by well-known players like Kerry Group PLC (Ireland), DMV-Fonterra Excipients GmbH & Co. K.G. (Germany), Pfanstiehl, Inc. (U.S.), MEGGLE GmbH Co. K.G. (Germany), Omya AG (Switzerland), Peter Greven GmbH and Co. K.G. (Germany), Ashland Global Holdings Inc. (U.S.), Evonik Industries AG (Germany), Dow Inc. (U.K.), Croda International PLC (U.S.), among others. These market participants also pursue strategies like investments, partnerships, acquisitions, and mergers to increase their market dominance. Furthermore, businesses are investing in the creation of better services. They are also concentrating on keeping their prices reasonable.

Let’s Take a Look at the Top Market Players that are Captivating the Pharmaceutical Excipients Market

  1. Kerry Group PLC (Ireland)

Kerry Group plc (Kerry Group) provides functional and nutritional solutions for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Its portfolio includes flavors, lipids, enzymes, fermented ingredients, protein fractions, bioactive preservatives, probiotics, metabolites, and other nutritional and functional ingredients.

  1. DMV-Fonterra Excipients GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)

In 2009, DMV-Fonterra Excipients GmbH & Co. KG was established. Manufacturing, producing, or processing pharmaceuticals in pharmaceutical preparations for human or veterinary use is part of the company's line of business.

  1. Pfanstiehl Inc. (U.S.)

Pfanstiehl is a leading current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) manufacturer of parenteral excipients and highly active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Pfanstiehl develops and manufactures high-purity, low-endotoxin (HPLE) carbohydrates such as trehalose, sucrose, mannitol, galactose, maltose, and mannose used as injectable adjuvants to stabilize proteins, mAbs, and vaccines. These HPLEs are also used as an additive in industrial cell culture, cell therapy, and cold storage.

  1. MEGGLE GmbH Co. K.G. (Germany)

In Meggle's Excipients business unit, Meggle develops and sells lactose-containing precursors for the pharmaceutical industry. Meggle Business Unit Excipients is one of the major players in the global pharmaceutical lactose market.

  1. Omya AG (Switzerland)

Omya in Pharma and Nutraceuticals provides cutting-edge solutions for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications based on highly pure natural minerals that adhere to the strictest regulatory and quality standards, such as starting minerals that are Food (FCC) & Pharma (EP, USP) compliant as well as EXCiPACT and HACCP manufacturing standards. Omya, a company with 9,000 workers and more than 160 offices across more than 50 countries, was founded in Switzerland in 1884.

  1. Peter Greven GmbH and Co. K.G. (Germany)

Family-owned and operated Peter Greven GmbH & Co. KG was established in 1923. It is among the top producers of oleochemical goods made from renewable raw materials. Over 85 nations are served by the Peter Greven group of enterprises, which runs production sites in Germany, the Netherlands, Malaysia, and the USA. The products are sold under the LIGAMED® brand name and contain stearic acid and magnesium stearate.

  1. Ashland Global Holdings Inc. (U.S.)

Ashland Global Holdings Inc. is a leading global specialty materials company serving customers in various markets, including adhesives, automotive, architectural coatings, construction, food and beverage, personal care, and pharmaceuticals.

  1. Evonik Industries AG (Germany)

One of the top CDMOs in the world for cutting-edge drug delivery is Evonik. Their comprehensive offering of functional excipients, technologies, and services for formulation development, process scale-up, and cGMP manufacturing of complicated oral and parenteral medicinal products can lower project risk, improve project effectiveness, and promote brand preference.

  1. Dow Inc. (U.S.)

The Dow Chemical Company, legally Dow Inc., is an American MNC headquartered in the United States. The company is one of the largest chemical producers in the world. It operates in around one hundred sixty countries and employs approximately 37,800 people worldwide. Dow has been called the "chemical company of chemical companies" because its sales go to other industries rather than directly to end users. Dow Inc. is a member of the American Chemistry Council.

  1. Croda International PLC (UK)


Croda International plc is a holding company for a group that manufactures a range of chemicals and chemical products, including petrochemicals and industrial chemicals. Croda supplies its products to companies in personal care, pharmaceutical, plastic, food, nutrition, fire protection, mechanical engineering, and automotive industries.

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